SCVMM 2008 R2 – Solution of Warning (13921)

You may get warning (13921) after migration of a virtual machine from a host to cluster:

Warning (13921)
Highly available virtual machine VX7526 is not supported by VMM because one or more of its network adapters is not configured correctly.

Recommended Action
Ensure that all of the virtual network adapters are either disconnected or connected to highly available virtual networks.


Let’s check virtual network adapters of the virtual machine:


As you see, I have 5 network tags. But the “Internal Network” exist in the Cluster? Let’s check it.

Right click to Cluster and click to Properties. Click “Networks” tab.


Now I see only 4 network cards. So where is the “Internal Network”?


That means I don’t have any network called “Internal Network”. So I have to create Internal Network in all Clustered Hosts or I have to choose another network. I simply choose Backup Network for my virtual machine.


Tadaaaa! We fixed it 🙂 Remember, in order to assign a virtual network to virtual machine in a cluster environment, you need to create that virtual network in all hyper-v hosts. Good luck.