MVP Shows Dedication to Educate About Security In The Cloud

Takım liderimiz, kurucumuz, sevgili dostumuz Hakan Uzuner’in Cloud tarafında yaptığı başarılı çalışmalar MVP Award Program Blogundan aşağıdaki gibi duyuruldu.
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“In the last few years, cloud computing has become one of the fastest growing segments of the IT industry. Before transitioning into the cloud, companies want to know what the security risks are and the solution approaches they can take across those points”. – Hakan Uzuner

Veteran Forefront MVP and founder of Cozumpark IT Community, Hakan Uzuner has dedicated himself to spearheading this security concern in the cloud. Focusing on educating companies and business owners, Hakan has been providing seminars and arranging trainings about security in the cloud.

Hakan talks about his efforts at Cozumpark IT Community:

“We have increased the number of seminars, webcasts, articles, and speaking events about the cloud. We have also built a special e-mail collaboration society; targeting the workers of banks in Turkey”. He continues, “They are able to ask their questions about cloud services and we inform them about the unclear points in the cloud, like security risks”.

Hakan was invited to share his deep knowledge and experience with roughly 70 other leading professionals at the AnkaSEC (Conference of Information Security) event in Turkey. He gave a presentation about risk assessments in the cloud. Popular subjects about virtualization security, cloud service security and cyber world security were also covered.

As more and more companies begin transitioning to the cloud, security will continue be a main concern. The education that MVPs like Hakan have dedicated themselves to providing around security will prove to be pivotal in the continued success of cloud computing.