How can you find your attached iso image with Powershell using SCVMM?

I got a question about ISO feature on Technet forums today.

Jan Marek:

Ok. But I have 200 virtual machines and I want to create a new one and use iso for virtual dvd rom. It is not working because I already use it for another server. How can I find from which one I should disconnect this iso?

Really good question I think. Because as I know, you can’t find it with SCVMM console. Also checking all virtual machines one by one is a way but it could be a nightmare, if you have so many virtual machines.

I wrote a Powershell script for Jan. I want to share:

$all = Get-VM *
foreach ($i in $all)
$iso = $i | Get-VirtualDVDDrive | Select-Object ISO
if ($iso -like "*test*")
write-host VM: $i

If your ISO name is “debian.iso”, just replace “test” with “debian”.

Also if you use just “Get-ISO”, you can see all iso images on all virtual machines.

You can reach that post from here:

If we can see them with SCVMM console, please let me know.