Appending signature to emails on Exchange Server 2010 with Powershell

With a new feature of Exchange Server 2010, now you can append signature or disclaimer messages to emails. You should create a new Transport rule to do this. Also there is an easy way to do this with Powershell:

New-TransportRule -Name 'Signatures' -Comments 'Signatures for Inside Organization' -Priority '0' -Enabled $true -FromScope 'InOrganization' 
-ApplyHtmlDisclaimerLocation 'Append' -ApplyHtmlDisclaimerText '</br></br>
<div style="font-size:11pt;  font-family: ''Calibri'',sans-serif;">
<div><img alt="yusufozturk"  src=""></br>
</br></div>' -ApplyHtmlDisclaimerFallbackAction 'Wrap'

I used %%displayname%% to add my name.