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Arcserve UDP V6 Yenilikleri

Tarih 08 Şubat 2016 yazar içinde 3. Party

Faster, More Flexible Recovery Options

  • Hardware Snapshot Support
    • Enables high performance, low-impact snapshots of physical &  virtual servers
  • Instant VM
    • Recover & power on VM’s within minutes, from a UDP recovery point
    • Supports recovery from agent-based & agentless backups
    • Supports VMware, Hyper-V & virtual to physical restores
    • Centralized status monitoring of VM recovery
  • Instant BMR (Linux only)
    • Enables local and remote bare metal recovery of physical machines from within the UDP Console
    • Ideal for MSP’s & remote sites, as there’s no need for physical access to the protected system, or need to boot into a local BMR environment
  • Improved Recovery Performance
    • Enhanced performance & stability for replication over the WAN
    • Enhanced throughput for copy recovery point, recover VM & BMR jobs from RPS store


Linux Platform Enhancements

  • Linux Agent & RPS Features
    • Source-side, global dedupe backups & replication to RPS
    • Support for merging of recovery points (Infinite incremental backups)
    • Support for Instant VM recovery & Instant BMR
    • Support for RPS to RPS replication
    • Support for BMR of uEFI systems
    • Support for archive to tape from RPS
    • Support for “Sudo” authentication for backup source, for Improved security
    • Support for XFS file system
    • Include or exclude specific volumes in a backup plan
  • Additional Linux OS Support
    • Support for RHEL, CentOS v7.x & Oracle Linux 7.x, SLES 12 with BtrFS & KVM
  • Granular Recovery for Linux VM’s
    • Enables file/folder level recovery of Linux VMs backed up via agentless, host-based backups, on vSphere & Hyper-V hosts
    • Supports most popular file systems such as, ext2, ext3, ext4, ReiserfS, XFS & BtrfS


Microsoft Platform Enhancements

  • Windows 10 Support
    • Supports agentless or agent-based backups of Windows 10 systems
  • Exchange granular recovery for non-Email items
    • Enables recovery of Exchange journal, calendar, task & public folder items
  • SharePoint Granular Recovery
    • Enables recovery of SharePoint, with the following granularity: Farm, Farm with configuration only, SharePoint services, web Applications, content databases, site collections, sites & lists
  • Reboot-less Windows Agent Deployment
    • Eliminates the need to reboot production systems, when deploying the UDP for Windows agent


Management Enhancements

  • Role-based Administration
    • Enables administrators & MSPs to control reconfiguration & access to backup plans, nodes, data stores, restores, licensing, reporting etc.
  • Improved WAN Support for UDP Console
    • Enables administrators & MSPs to centrally manage & deploy nodes seamlessly over the WAN & removes the need to deploy a VPN, due to issues with NAT (Network Address Translation)
  • File Copy & File Archive from RPS
    • Copy & archive files/folders from a local RPS, or a replicated RPS, to a secondary storage or public/private cloud location


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